Your name is Mario. You are a little weird... a little, well, a lot. You love RUSH, and many other rock/metal bands. You like to play the bass, and sometimes your precious and trusty CLARENCE, your acoustic guitar. You fucking love science and you think that it’s the shit. Sometimes you do COSPLAY, so, you are a lot weirder now. You always try to make COMPLEX JOKES and be the center of attention, making people laughs makes you happy, it’s a serious business after all.
You are standing in your bed and you don't know why, you think SOMETIMES YOU JUST DON'T KNOW. You always wear a GREEN SWEATER in winter, it's like part of you, but more complex.


I want to play all the zelda games I own now that I got 2 weeks of vacations, but I don’t know if I should do that or watch the let’s play of SDR2,
this is serious (?)

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Rap Is The Soul Of A Man! - Gurren Lagann OST

aww yeah vacations

here in my country, we got 2 weeks of vacations from school, so I’m starting to enjoy/waste time watching a let’s play (I don’t own a psp lol) the rest of super dangan ronpa 2 that I didn’t saw.