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Mario/21/♐/Mexico/ SHSL Loser. I like Homestuck, Dangan Ronpa, One Piece, Gurren Lagann, a lot of videogames franchises (like zelda fuck yeaah), and well, a lot of things. I cosplay with my sis (tumblr user dialirv1).


Anonymous said: Babe


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i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill


'Meester Pigvig, 'e plenty good fella.'


'Meester Pigvig, 'e plenty good fella.'


Sketch of a poster dedicated to give encouragement to victims of bullying.

I was a bullying victim as a child, so I am greatly concerned with the subject. I can understand the sadness they may feel. These children not only need help. They also need courage.

And Link is the best symbol of courage for a lot of people.



Hate you.

"We are h8 married ::::/"

"I’m so married…." -showing his rings-


Dualscar - my bro

Mindfang - me


Last time i used my Mindfang was on Ikkicon VII on Austin, Tx.

Now I’m gonna fix some things on her, add a hat, the robo arm and the burned eye, better wigs and kick some ass :)

I’m excited for november’s con!

and i’ll be dualscar again, and we’ll rad

anime: Ah yes, the beach episode!
cartoons: Ah yes, the episode where a character gets shrunken down and sent into another character to explore their body!


Friendly reminder that Dia de Los Muertos is pretty much a funeral, and the dead being represented in the holiday are actual dead people who had families and friends and hopes and dreams. So just as you wouldn’t throw on black clothes and join a group of mourners because they look so fashionable in black, you shouldn’t paint your face and put marigolds in your hair and make altars because it looks cool to you. Thank.